Seth Troxler is well known for being somewhat of a jester, a funnyman if you will, who likes to take the piss in an industry that can often disappear up its own ass. Though as much as he enjoys fucking about, the #1 DJ in the world in 2012 often has something insightful to say.

In a recent interview Troxler had with Music Radar, the Detroit-raised DJ voiced his concerns on the "gentrification" of dance music.

"Everyone plays the same shit - repetitive tech house stuff," Troxler confessed. "It just lacks the soul that music used to have. Also, when music is made on machines everything is so different - even the swing of the track, the whole vibe."

Seth also revealed that he yearns for turn of the century house music, and that even commercial house back in the early 00s was better than what hits the charts today.

"There used to be proper hits. I was listening to this track the other day; we were playing it in the car, Kings of Tomorrow - Finally. Even though it's like a guilty pleasure, when that track came out it was like 'this is a hit!' A couple of years ago the track of the summer was Party Non Stop, which was a joke; there was no content and I want that content to come back."

"Look what happened with hip-hop - they moved to Gangsta Rap for sales and it's like shit now. Hopefully the same thing doesn't happen to the new popularisation of electronic music."

At the risk of sounding old and jaded, we have to say we agree with you, Seth.

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