Simone Gatto credits his signature style to a blend of his house and techno influences and his roots - the sounds of the wind and the waves he remembers growing up in his hometown of Nardò located on the coast of Italy as well as his philosophical and sociological studies.  The Out-er label boss is set to play at Sheik 'N' Beik's upcoming party at The Panther Room on March 9th as well as co-produce a party with Sheik 'N' Beik in Miami during WMC.  We had a chance to catch up with him ahead of the two events to chat about his label, how his relationship with Sheik 'N' Beik began, what he's looking forward to doing during his stay in New York, and what he has on his horizon for this year. Be sure to get tickets to both events on Pulse Radio!

You are set to play at two of Sheik ‘N’ Beik’s upcoming parties, one in New York and the other in Miami during WMC. How did your relationship with them start? I met Julio (Shiek 'N' Beik's founder) three years ago during a wedding in Italy. I remember that we spoke about music and labels, and I introduced him to my label Out-er and my artist background. After that we became friends and I started to play often at his parties! This year is going to be the third time for me playing at Sheik 'N' Beik in NYC, and we are also producing the party at WMC together so I'm really excited about that!

What can guests look forward to from your set alongside the Sheik ‘N’ Beik residents on March 9th at The Panther Room? Well, I can't tell you exactly what to expect from my set at The Panther Room! I always like to range from deep house to techno but it always depends from the crowd.

What are some of the things you’re excited to do, see, and eat in the Big Apple during your stay? Like I said before, this is going to be my third time in New York and each time I came before it was for one month, so I started to know some people there and I obviously know the city better than before! It's going to be fun! This year I'll be pretty much focus on making music with Julio in his studio in Manhattan beccause we are thinking about doing an album together!

Are there any young producers that have been impressing you lately? Will we see them on Out-er? Yes definitely. There are good young producers that have been impressing me and we are going to release a lot of new talented artists during 2014 on Out-er. We have just released an EP from my mate Santorini with a Conforce remix that delivered us a trippy dub mix, and I'm really excited to think about the next vinyl releases coming out in 2014 from myself, Summed, Orlando Voorn, LaChriz with a Marco Zenker remix, Buck, Jeroen Search and The Analogue Cops.

What else can we expect from you this year? This year is going to be very intense for me. I worked so hard in the studio last year so now I have some good vinyl releases planned. Next month I'll release a four tracks EP on Night Vision, and then I'll be on Subwax, Reduction, Underground Liberty, Vae Victis, Safari Numerique and others TBA with some important remixers like Orlando Voorn, Terrence Dixon, and the Analogue Cops. It will be busy on the party side too because I'm launching my party Out-Break in Paris and London once a month. Moreover I have planned a season in Ibiza with Sheik 'N' Beik so a lot of stuff is coming - fingers crossed!

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