Lauren Martinez, a.k.a. Cry Baby, is a DJ and producer from Miami, FL. She moved to Brooklyn three years ago and has been killing it in New York ever since. She has upcoming releases on Euphoria Records and on Curses' new label, Safer At Night. We had a chance to catch up with Lauren to chat about her career, her hometown and plans for the future. Give her exclusive mix a listen and catch her at Le Bain, TBA Brooklyn and on her West Coast and European tour this summer.

For those of us who don’t know, tell us a bit about yourself? I was born in Miami and moved to Brooklyn about 3 years ago. Since then I have started a party called House On Mute which began at SubMercer (now closed). We now have residencies at our favorite NY venues and get to play with really talented Dj's. It's been doing really well and the outcome has surpassed anything I could have hoped for. I've recently been collaborating with Euphoria Records. We host parties and make music together. It's been pretty rad!

What's behind your name? Why Cry Baby? Gotta get to know me to find out!

Do you dabble in production? Yes I do. Look for releases soon on Euphoria Records and Curses' new imprint on Trouble & Bass, Safer At Night. I included one of the tracks in the mix. Guess which one!

Although New York’s scene is larger, would you say Miami is more nightlife friendly (fewer regulations, open late/more afterhours, etc.)? No I would say New York is definitely more nightlife friendly. The after-hours and underground warehouse party scene we have here would be impossible to pull off in Miami. Yea you have places like Space there but sometimes you wanna go party for 24-hours straight in some illegal shithole with an amazing sound system.

Where have you been playing recently? I currently have residencies at Le Bain and TBA. I am also embarking on a West Coast and European tour this summer with Euphoria label mates Adam Collins and Daniel Orestes so look out for that! I will be hosting/djing a few parties in Miami for WMC. Also will be playing a new series called Lost In Paradise on March 23rd.

What are some dream gigs? Any place where there's sunshine, rum and a good sound system! Also maybe Watergate (Berlin) or Treehouse (Miami).

What has been the most gratifying moment so far in your career? This one time I played at an after-hours party my crew and I were hosting at a small underground venue called Beef Cuts. The mixer we were using was broken and my headphones weren't working. It seemed that all odds were against me but I decided to accept the challenge and play anyway. It ended up being my best set yet. I was only supposed to play for about 2 hours but instead I ended up going for 6! Those are the experiences that make djing so gratifying. The connection between the crowd and I were everything you look for in a party.

Tell us a bit about the approach you took to the exclusive mix you made for us. I just let it flow. Some friends have coined me as "The Queen Of Darkness" because I have an affinity for the dark side. I have an obsession with the afterlife and beyond. I'm intrigued by all things occult.

What is on the horizon for Cry Baby?  I've come pretty far in the short time that I've been at this and I truly believe it's because of how strong the Law Of Attraction is in my life. I've always let that be my guide in anything that I do. I believe in myself and my ability to make things happen. Even when people said I'm living in a dream world and that I'm delusional, I've constantly proved them wrong. Don't get me wrong. It hasn't been easy at all but the journey itself has made everything worth it. So what's on the horizon for me? More music, more parties, more travel, more friends, more love (and broken hearts haha) and in the far future maybe start my own label, or open a club. Stay tuned!

All photos courtesy of Mayleen Gonzalez.

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