Feature-length documentary Kvadrat aims to realistically portray the lives of touring techno DJs. French/Russian director Anatoly Ivanov uses Russian DJ Andrey Pushkarev as his subject, following him through his daily life as a DJ from the festive atmosphere of nightclubs during his gigs to the aspects of his life that may appear more mundane – checking into hotel rooms, all the flights he takes, and using public transportation in the cities he visits along the way.

The film highlights the differences between the stereotypical perception of musicians and the reality. Instead of focusing primarily on the exciting shows he plays, the film also portrays the other less glamorous sides of the profession – long days with difficult schedules and weeks of track selection.

Shot in multiple countries including Switzerland, France, Hungary, Romania, and Russia, the documentary takes the viewer on the true journey of a touring techno DJ. It ditches formal interviews, voice-overs, facts, and figures for an approach that seems more like a road-movie or music video. Interpretation is left to the viewer.

View the film in French or Russian on the official website.

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