Join the ‘Revolution’ for New Years Eve

Join the ‘Revolution’ for New Years Eve

Close your eyes and listen intimately, in the distant future you will hear the call, allow your heart and soul to follow the beckoning, as the time has come to rise up and DANCE, can you feel it – the voice of REVOLUTION is upon us, go check out that link for the full line-up and let it draw you in as you take each breath – let your voice be heard In the spirit of change and renewal – free your body, free your mind as it explores the journey through melodic bliss and allows every inch of your being to be liberated! 

Join us for a grand celebration of unity as Johannesburg's 'underground dance music community' comes together to present this earth quaking, mind baking, soul shaking 2 day open air festival. Webtickets Link: http://webtickets.co.za/event.aspx?itemid=407840444

Feedom Fighters are coming back. Here's a teaser from FF Live at Moksha 2013. 

REVOLUTION is the place where you leave all in habitations in the land that is reality – march onto the dance floor as the sun dwindles into a beckoning night and the celebrations of artistic and musical freedom are shared and embraced in unison, comrades side by side as one - beating like a heart, as one year comes to a close and a new fresh instance dawns with the rising of the New Years sun.

Bring on the sunshine, bring on the fun, as our excitement intensifies for this approaching season of musical freedom and self expression. Stay tuned for a competition on the way to win tickets on behalf of Pulse Radio, Teknotribe and Mansion Records to the event!! 



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