Have Your Ashes Pressed Into Vinyl After You Die

Have Your Ashes Pressed Into Vinyl After You Die

We all know traditional burial after death isn't for everyone. But now there's an alternative for the true music lovers among us. Starting at £3000, you can have your ashes pressed into vinyl - 30 copies to be exact - for your friends and family to remember you with for eternity.

The folks over at London based www.andvinyly.com are offering their services to have you, a loved one or a pet transformed into a piece of music history. For an extra £500, you can have a custom artist design the record sleeve, and aside from choosing your favourite song to help loved ones remember you forever by, you can have custom made soundscapes and tracks created by bands and artists from The House of Fix. You can also use a track you created, record your own voice or lyrics (to be placed solo on the record or accompanied by eerie ambient noises), or for the minimalists out there, simply leave the record blank so only the pops and cracks play through.

If you're worried your loved ones might not be quite as keen on your idea as you are, they also offer body part services, so the majority of your remains can have a standard funeral, while an arm, leg or anywhere else can still be preserved in vinyl form, though prices aren't any cheaper for that alternative. And, for an extra £10,000, you can have a FUNeral, where their crack team of experienced event organizers can toss you a full-fledged rave where (presumably) your freshly pressed wax will get rinsed in proper sendoff fashion.

Learn more at www.andvinyly.com.

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