Last Saturday, Solo Danza returned to the arches of London’s Crucifix Lane to host its Halloween Fancy Dress Party - and if your name wasn’t down, you weren’t coming in. With its meticulous ticket selling policy, Solo Danza ensured that any zombies, witches, or candy skull queens who entered the party that night had only the purist underground blood running through their veins.

Solo Danza resident, Joseph Williams, made his second Halloween appearance for the party, having played for last year’s event, which was hosted at Cable’s sister club, Relay. His dubby low-slung bass lines protruded through the walls and beckoned in all of the night’s damned spirits. Soon ghouls - and a few fancy dress rule breakers - were quickly filling the dungeon-like venue ready to enjoy JW’s polished tech sound. Dennis Christopher was up next, welcomed by an eerie silence, a perfectly disconcerting yet mood-setting pause.

Then a firm, pounding base kicked in, possessed with synths that sliced through the rawness of the beat. Rolling drums and snares built up, warming up the blood-strewn floor. The electronic keys of Quentin Harris’s ‘My Joy’ sounded, and its old school lyrics churned through the arches, ‘I would've never left you alone, and I wouldn't be on my own,” its synths molding perfectly into the warped bass. Relentless in its offerings, Solo Danza made sure that the event firmly marked the start of London's winter party season. The darkness of the music attacked the crowd from the offset and perfectly embraced the Halloween spirit, whilst the hand picked crowd created one of the friendliest dance-floors that I've been a part of in a long time.

It was 1.30am when tINI took over and begun effortlessly unwinding those refined yet mischievous sounds that we all know and love her for. A thudding bass, which was underpinned by a fierce stabbing, made all but the ice-cold front door sweat. There were moments during tINI’s set where her sound exploded with energy and then other moments where she simply teased us by slowly winding us into her groove, making us hang at the edge of every drop. As she continuously flirted with her latest Supplement Facts’ EP, a blue light lit up the room as the vocals from ‘Hat Baxx’ weaved throughout her set. Strobe lights violently bounced off the surrounding brick walls as Bobby Konders' track 'Nervous Acid' sounded out and with its building blips and beeps it led us to into ghostly vocals that recited the words of Morpheus from The Matrix, ‘You have to let it all go. Fear, doubt, and disbelief.” Simply amazing! Bird tweets, wooden clicks and winding cranks led to Robert Dietz’s set; the final of the night.

Having played for Solo Danza’s summer party back in June, he received a warm welcome from the loyal crowd, and in return gave the zombie-filled dance-floor a plethora of haunted sounds to feed off of. Playing a mind-blowing set of unreleased or simply raw, edgy tracks, Dietz had the crowd in the palm of his hands right through until the bitter end when the lights came up.

While I was busy tackling the cloakroom queue and hiding from the unwelcome morning light that had recently begun filling the room, the music stopped. And with that, the night’s two headliners applauded each other and their adoring crowd.

For some, the night was still young, and Solo Danza's after-hours was the prefect option. Held at a ‘secret location,’ the second part of the night treated the hard-core to a solid three-hour b2b set from Solo Danza founder, Dennis Christopher, and Steve from The Martinez brothers. Though I opted for a less hectic route to my comfortable bed, I’m sure it was an afternoon as memorable (well, almost) as the night I’d just witnessed. Till next time...

Photography courtesy of Fran Hales

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