Guy J launched his name to the electronic dance music scene at 21 years of age, and has since been building his brand through an eclectic portfolio of versatility. 2012 saw the launch of Guy’s “Lost & Found” label, a sub-label to the mother brand at Bedrock where he will launch his own work, along with the work of some of his favourite producers. In anticipation of the Lost & Found showcase at Pacha Presents on November 22, we caught up with Guy for an insight into this exciting, innovative and unique musical aficionado. Read on.

You’ve recently finished your 3-month Balance album launch tour, which started in Melbourne. This mix compilation achieved #1 in the Beatport Progressive House charts, which is impressive to say the least! Can you tell as a bit about your inspiration behind the Balance mix? My inspiration behind the Balance mix was to deliver something that you can hear after a while and it still sounds interesting, like other great compilations that were released in the past. If people listen to it in years to come and still enjoy the music and feel inspired, then I have achieved my goal. My Balance was created out of remixes and edits that I’d made from originals that were amazing tracks and I wanted to give my view on them, so all the artists in there are inspiring for me.


Having launched your Lost & Found imprint last year, can you tell us a bit about the label ethos and how this exciting project has been going so far? The idea behind Lost & Found is very simple - release good house music, not only by great artists that are out there already, but great new artists that I believe deserve this extra exposure for what they do. The reactions to the music that we have released so far on Lost & Found have been great and I am very lucky to have been able to sign such gems. For me, that this is what is making the label a good label.

How do you go about selecting your chosen producers? Some of the artists on Lost & Found I've know from the past years of doing what I do and some of them I have just discovered lately through hearing their music. It has just been a matter of making contact with them all to do something for the label and they have been amazing.

Your partnership with Loopmasters is a very unique concept. How did this idea come about, and do you think you will continue to offer this breakdown of components with future releases? I believe we will see more releases like that, there are already some similar projects like that coming out. These days, new producers are already getting a lot of tools to create music, and I think this way they get more tools, but also get some experience about remixing a track, which is also hard to achieve. To create a great remix of a track is not an easy task and practice is needed to perfect your skills.

This winter, Pacha London taking a new approach to its Fridays, featuring underground artists and labels at Pacha Presents like the Ibiza brand. How do you feel about your new label being invited along for a showcase?Well, it is very exciting for me! London is a strong base for electronic music and to have a label showcase at Pacha is a big achievement, as I see it. There are a lot of great artists on the label that are also great DJs, so we are planning to take Lost & Found showcase events to a few more cities around the world.

What do you have planned for the night? For this special night at Pacha, we have Nick Warren, Secret Cinema, and myself playing pure quality music. I’m sure everyone knows their work and how good they are at what they do, so I’m sure it will be a great party! I’m also happy myself because I’ll have the opportunity to hear Nick and Jeroen play their amazing music!

Do you have any more projects lined up for the rest of the year? There is a new project coming on Lost & Found in the form of a mini-LP specifically aimed to showcase upcoming artists. Each release will feature 5 tracks, allowing them to really express their sounds and what they do. I plan to release one of these “Found” mini-LPs around 2-3 times a year, or something like that, and bring some very talented people into the spotlight. The first one, by Dutch producer Navar, will be released on 25th of November, and it features 5 beautiful tracks that Navar took great care to make really perfect, and I'm super excited to release them. You can listen to all the Lost & Found music here:

And finally, any big plans slated for 2014? I’ll just be working on more and more music and building up the label. 

Navar – Found01 (Lost & Found) is released on 25/11/13:


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