There are some shows that you hear your friend’s talking about for what seems like ages – when everything from the production to the venue to the music is just right. Dirty South's sold out show at Cielo in New York City last Thursday, presented by Dance.Here.Now, was one of them.

Cielo, in the Meat Packing District, has an old-school-classic club feel with an unmatchable vibe and energy. A young, beautiful, and upscale crowd came to support their favorite DJ in this intimate venue. With a plethora of the trademark Dirty South “d”s spread around the crowd, Serbian DJ and Producer Dragan Roganović took to the stage.  The event marked the New York stop on his #YOURCITY tour focusing on "small shows and big fans."

From the moment he took to the decks, the energy exploded and continued to build throughout the night. Cielo’s lights and screens created the perfect environment to let loose and Dirty South did just that. He played favorites like “Walking Alone”, “Phazing”, and “Until The End”, each with his own personal remixes and edits that made the crowd pulse with excitement. And, to the crowd's delight, Dirty South was playful throughout the night, giving high fives to his fans and autographing items, all while impressively crafting an unforgettable set.

Dance.Here.Now. and Cielo set the stage for an unforgettable event, and Dirty South gave New York City a truly amazing and intimate opportunity to experience his music. The night went off without a hitch and Dirty South did not disappoint.

Photos courtesy of Kenny Rodriguez

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