It may be from way back in 2006, but we couldn't resist sharing this little nugget of amazeballs we stumbled across today from The Guardian, which reports on a British man who is estimated to have taken around 40,000 pills of MDMA over a nine year period. Did your jaw just drop? Count yourself lucky, because he can't even open his. At the time, the heaviest previous lifetime intake on record was a mere 2,000 pills (mere in comparison to 40,000 of course!). Nine whole years of being that thank you.

In a study conducted by the St George's Medical School, the man, who is dubbed Mr. A (shouldn't he be Mr. E?), started taking pills at age 21. The first two years of his usage he averaged five pills per weekend, which escalated to the point that he was taking around three and a half pills a day. At his peak, Mr. A was ingesting an estimated 25 pills every day for four solid years. It wasn't until he collapsed at a few parties (wouldn't the first collapse be a sign?) that he decided to stop. Doctors recorded that even after not taking pills for several months and being bedridden, he still felt off his head.

Even after seven years of no longer taking ecstasy, Mr. A still suffered from severe physical and mental health side-effects, including extreme memory problems, paranoia, hallucinations and depression, as well as painful muscle rigidity around his neck and jaw which prevented him from opening his mouth. Doctors believed many of the symptoms were permanent.

An interesting point for clubbers who like to smoke weed; Mr. A was also a heavy cannabis user and when he was encouraged by doctors to decrease his use, his paranoia and hallucinations disappeared and his anxiety abated.

I guess the E's were good, whaddya reckon Mr. C?

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