Joop Junior’s career is almost as young as he was when he started producing and pushing out Bassline driven and infectious Techno out of the studio. Not to be taken lightly though, Joop’s career has been anything but ‘under the radar’ as Techno-Pioneer Richie Hawtin has been releasing Joop Junior’s tracks under his record label M-nus.

Besides crafting his art and having it showcased by the very top-shelf masters themselves, Joop, the ‘free-spirit’ from The Hague has been busy behind the scenes setting up his own label and organising events respectively. These are the sort of milestones in an artist’s career that enables a very interesting and for the most part successful career, very excited to see what Joop Junior has in store for us in the near future. 

Watch this video below of Richie Hawtin banging out Joop's sounds at Tomorrowland.

When we said Richie Hawtin has been releasing Joop’s tracks we never quite said how the proverbial snowball actually got rolling. A little unorthodox but valiantly earned, Joop had thrown his USB stick…in Richie Hawtins direction while the superstar DJ was playing a festival. Soon to follow was a release on album New Horizons, an M-nus compilation distributed by well-known industry magazine Mixmag. With Joops style and quality of production – this is not surprising at all. 

Heading back into the past, and into The Hague to add scope to Joop’s success, his distinctive grooves, hypnotizing percussions, ringing synths and tight beats caught the ear of Tech-House acts Remy and Patch Park who then soon released his EP on their label Fone Audio.   

The EP was well received by world-famous DJs such as Adam Beyer, Joseph Capriati, Karotte and Marco Bailey, it was from this point onwards that Joop Junior’s career started to pick up at a steady pace.

The Hague based producer has been busy lately working hard in the studio and getting good results. After the successes Joop pulled in after the first half of 2012 he decided to put in some time and release something new, and extra special. Not long after bouncing the ‘fresh outa the oven’ tracks with top-shelf Techno DJ Richie Hawtin, Joop Junior presents his SONUS.1 release on MINUS with tracks ‘Triangle’ and ‘Saw’ - Both bangers!!  

Joop is nowhere near done with the world, or the world with him.