We’ve all had them. We’re headed out to see our favorite DJ with our best mates, and no matter how hard we try, a black cloud ominously hangs overhead, dark times creeping up on us, ruining our night with surgical precision.

Colour Series boss and We Love… resident Jem Haynes’ new animated video hilariously recreates the story of every clubber’s worst nightmare with his new ‘Dark Days’ video, boasting characters perfectly pieced together from every night out you’ve ever had.

It’s an incredibly unique take on the electronic music video, and a breath of fresh air. Let’s face it - videos are tough, and most fail to capture any sort of real feeling, unless highly suggestive lyrics are in place to help anchor a storyline down.

But that’s what makes Jem Haynes’ new video so impressive, and funny as hell. Featuring a wonderful new tune from the Colourseries boss, who recently released his first compilation, Colourseries Volume 1, the video cruises right along with his new ‘Dark Days’ track, which he recently released with Mike Peters.

Watch our interview with the Colour Series boss below and get all the inside info on just how the video was made:

To watch the entire video for Jem Haynes' new 'Dark Days' video, click here. 

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