Dance for Decks is an initiative set up working with UK charities to help rehabilitate the homeless. Launching a DJ School on 02.10.13, the charity is looking for your help.

Dance for Decks was born earlier this year in an attempt to use dance music as a way to help rehabilitate and offer a creative outlet for London's homeless. Figures showed that despite Boris Jonson's mayoral pledges, nearly 6,500 people were sleeping rough in London 2012 - 2013. Charities such as Centrepoint, Shelter and St Mungos have all been committed to trying to buck the trend, and it's the latter's recovery college in London that will house the Dance For Decks DJ Skills Workshop. Each week the workshop will feature a well known DJ giving up their time to  chat with the students and show them some practical DJ tips (or alternatively standing back in awe as they discover the next Q-Bert).  As well as having two rooms for the students to learn or hone their skills the project will also feature a studio where they can edit and upload their mixes to the web. 

After announcing the course, there has been an overwhelming interest meaning that the initial money raised by the April party (at Basing House with Craig Richards and Geddes) isn't enough to provide eqipment for all students. This is where Dance For Decks are looking for the help of DJs in the London area who can help by donate any equipment so they can offer the course to all those that would like to benefit from it. Please get in touch if you are able to assist with any of the following.

Vinyl Turntable

If you are able to help out, or would even be interested in donating a couple of hours on a Wednesday between Oct 02 - Nov 20th. Please get in touch here. Dance for Decks aims to build on the successes with St Mungos to move on with other charities to be able to offer the same to people around the country, so any donations will go on to benefit a lot of people.

Listen to Craig Richards on Pulse Radio