London promoters and club night Krush may have shut shop, but they've announced details of a new party, (Art Of The) Muse, kicking off on 23rd November with Tale Of Us to launch proceedings. Get your tickets to see Tale Of Us here.

As one door closes another one opens - for former party Krush, it's all about un-waivering sense of intimacy and ambiance as they wave farewell to the brand and begin their latest clubbing venture. Dr. Nikos talks to Pulse in-depth about his dedication to quality music, his experience in the promoter game and what to expect from exciting new initiative, (Art Of The) Muse, an event that's guaranteed to add more flavour to London's clubbing landscape.

You've been running Krush for a couple of years, you must have some great memories from the night, what stands out for you? Every single one of them. the people always were and will be the soul of the party. Krush people are absolutely amazing and without them it wouldn't mean anything

Can you tell us a bit about whats next? Krush was fantastic but the time has come for it to end. Art of the Muse is the new thing. A night 100% dedicated to the art of music, the art of the muses.

What are you looking forwards to with (Art of the) Muse that will be a change from Krush? To begin with, the night will be focusing on the musical element and the literature of it. the muses were goddesses, protectors of literature, dance and music. literature, in our case, means we will be delving a little deeper into the theory of music and the story behind each player. then comes the main dish, which is the music that will be performed by both the resident and guest musicians. they are all hand picked to meet the party's standards. so there will be less parties with more emphasis on the sound and the way it reaches the audience. there won't be an elaborate decoration or visuals, no. Art of the Muse is all about the music and how it affects our body and soul. Simple as that.

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Are there any mistakes you've made as a promoter you'd like to share, that in the long run have been beneficial, or that you definitely won't be making with the new party? Mistakes are made on a daily basis. You can't improve yourself unless you have the ability to detect your mistakes and try to correct them. the biggest mistake I ever did, long ago, when I was starting out as a kid, was not to listen to the people and what they had to complain about. I was young and I thought I'd be the biggest chestnuts in the World.

It's not an exact science, party making, especially since the location is not the same every time, there's always going to be something to complain about. Nowadays, after almost 14 years in the game, I will listen very closely to everything every single person has to say, right or wrong. We shouldn't be forgetting one thing though; mobile parties don't offer the luxuries of a steady built club. It's a completely different form of entertainment which comes with some flaws - but that's the spice of it. Imperfect perfection, in other words.

Which track would you most like to hear at the opening party? It's hard to tell. By November I'm sure there will be some more fine music out already. Ask me again nearer the time.

(Art of The) Muse Launch Party
23rd November 2013
TBC Location, London

Line Up
Tale Of Us
Dr Nikos
More TBA

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