Maya Jane Coles released her new music video on Youtube today for her track "Burning Bright" featuring the vocals of Kim Ann Foxman (of Hercules Love Affair). It's not often that underground electronic music tracks have videos to accompany them, so it's interesting to see what DJs come up with for the story. In this one, we see Kim Ann Foxman enter a remote church where Maya lays dead in a funeral altar in the middle. Kim Ann hovers over her singing, praying, taking a heart out of a bag and putting the drawing a cross of blood on Maya's face. The video and story has a rather gothic Ann Radcliffe approach to it, culminating with Maya Jane Coles waking up from her "slumber" at the end. Take a look below. 

The video premiered yesterday on, and Coles told the magazine, "The video to 'Burning Bright' was creatively a team effort to come up with something hopefully a little different." Different indeed! The music video was directed by Thomas Knights who has done work for Marina and the Diamonds and other artists. This track is off her album "Comfort" on her label I/AM/ME which came out on Monday, July 1st.

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