Who is Sue Teller? Sue Teller is the hippest grandma you'll ever meet. Rocking black nail polish and an appetite for trying new things, Sue Teller is not afraid to try mashing up music on a pair of turntables with some street cred on her show "DO Your Own Adventure." Heck, you might even learn a thing or two from her.

We'd love to point out the awesome product placement of the Mountain Dew can which Sue Teller constantly sips on with a straw, as well as how this is a perfect example of a soft sell campaign in the earlier days of viral videos, just to brush up on your Marketing 101. "DO Your Own Adventure" spins off of Mountain Dew's other marketing slogans, such as "Do the Dew" and "Just Dew It!" The Sue Teller campaign for Mountain Dew was thought up by the company 86 the onions, whose website emanates a 1997 vibe. 

The video itself, appears to have been first released in January 2007. According to the book "Leadershift" by Emmanuel Gobillot, Grandma Sue died at the age of 84, after only recording two episodes of her show. Believe it or not, she had over 80,000 fans and when she passed away, cans of Mountain Dew were poured out onto gardens in sympathy, "Pour some Dew out for Sue."

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