‘Speak Your Mind’ Remixes

With the original EP being received so well, it was no mean feat taking on this collectionn from The/Das to remix. The original tracks from ‘Mind Speak’ were eclectic in their own right to begin with, but theyve now been handed to three artists with completely different styles; do they give the original further progression, or remain an unfortunate mistake? Thankfully neither as all three bring their own spin to the table, shifting the context and mood in equal measure.

Uffe opens this EP with his take on ‘Colin’. The original is a raw, acoustic heavy and haunting composition. So what were Uffe’s modifications? The kick drum has become fairly prominent, the vocals chopped and an extra edition of ambient, yet full, bass underlining the whole piece. Guaranteed to take this track down the electronic route, he hasn’t over done it byu firmly keeping the original vibe intact, throuigh a rework of rapid build ups, Uffe manages to keep an organic and raw feel to the composition with an added dose of rhythmic energy.

‘Have No Fear’ was never going to be an easy track to alter, but taking on the uisually daunting task of a remix and adding an extra layer of identity to an already unique tapestry. The original's change direction islips through naturally. We are treated to two remixes of ‘Have No Fear’ and the styles adopted on both are equally experimental. First up is Benjamin Damage and his delivery - as usual - is straight to the point and as high energy as you would expect from the UK techno-bass heavyweight. The ambience is left behind and replaced with gut churning bass and a rolling rhythm, with Damage mutating the track into a fist thumping peak-of-the-night extravaganza. The beat is built upon throughout and leaves you exhausted by the time you reach the end. 

The slightly lesser known ‘Vaal’ offers her take to finish the EP. Her background is a real variation of genres from Rock ‘n’ Roll to Jazz, with her productions always representing her own diversity. BNut for her take on The /Das, she accentuates the kick drum, laced and interwoven with poly-rhythmic  percussion, paying particular attention to sharply tomed snares adding the the illusion of fast tempos. By adjusting the pitch of the vocal she creates a real dark atmosphere (along with the unorthodox use of reversed piano hits reverberating through the track. Although the track starts fairly generically, by the end it is barely identifiable.

Three very different perspectives on the electronic scene have given this remix EP a real narrative. Every track starts and ends on a different vibe, yet the linear progression as a collection of tracks see them move into each other fairly seamlessly in a diverse and cool narative. Vaal probably takes the crown for most experimental but if dance floor destruction is more your thing then Benjamin Damage brings is the winning formula, bringing The/Das's deepr,darker and more floor bound musical side.

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