'Shades of Me & You'
[Warm Communications]

Liquid Drum n Bass has gained a reputation amongst some junglists as being over-produced and tacky. If there is an artist that can change that opinion it has to be Seba. His kicksand snares hit a really techy vibe - usually found on the continent - and his synths are subtley delivered yet prominent in execution. ‘Shades of Me and You’ is really carried by the reese bass and although the track is not dominated by the vocals, they add an umissable element.

The track is a fantastic blend of melody and rolling rhythm, offering a real testament to Seba’s production skill, bringing the richness of sound with use of such a small amount of elements. Every detail is perfected and fans of all kinds can appreciate a well crafted track like this.

The flip to this release is a remix by the masters of the reese bass: Blu Mar Ten. Having been heavily involved in a number of scenes for around twenty years, their vast experience is displayed in every release they’ve done. Their remix of Never Let You Go is no exception - sidelining the core elements of percussion for more ambient scoundscapes, it amounts to a chilled out, emotive number  rather than the punchy kicks and snares found on the A side. ‘Never Let You Go’, like many other Blu Mar Ten releases, is reese bass heavy. Long drawn out hits are surrounded by uplifting and enchanting stabs that seem to dance around in carefree fashion.

A really strong release from the Warm Communications camp and one that shows liquid doesn’t always have to be catered for the younger generations. Production techniques are used to their full capability and simplicity is chosen over complication. If you are looking for an introduction on the softer sound of Drum n Bass then this is your release. It makes you wonder when these artists are going to link up again - and more to the point, why it hasn’t been a regular partnership already.

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