For any of you who thought this might have all been an elaborate hoax, or more realistically, an overly hyped PR stunt that would wind up DOA, I have some bad news – Paris Hilton’s residency at Amnesia is now a reality.  Foam & Diamonds launched with a wildly successful opening party last night, officially placing the socialite amongst the handful of DJs with enough pull for a spot at the top. Pulse Radio was on hand for all the foam, diamonds, handbags and paparazzi, even managing to score an exclusive interview (which you can find at the end of the review) with one the most talked about new entertainers in EDM.

Taking over the main room for the evening, which is normally reserved for Espuma, Foam & Diamonds turned Amnesia into what must have been something straight out of Paris’ dream - large crystal chandelier dangling above the packed dance floor, small pink placards with Paris' name and logo hanging on the railings of the VIP area, ice cannon blasting away for drop after drop as the warm up DJ, Ruben Moran, kept the energy on high.

Wearing a diamond encrusted tube top, Paris took to the stage looking playful and sexy. Hilton immediately grabbed the mic, gushing about how much she loved Ibiza and Espuma, large pink curtain emblazoned with Paris’ logo hanging behind her, house lights drenching the socialite in a sea of pink as footage of the heiress blowing kisses to the crowd reeled out of Amnesia’s new LED screen, completing the Hilton experience.

Mixing would be an exaggeration, with every transition coming down to a few flics of the fader, quickly heading into the next EDM hit. Paris was spending far more time enjoying her moment with the crowd than actually touching the decks, but hell, if anyone cared, I didn't see it. Quite the opposite, Paris had a full fledged party on her hands - plenty of big name tunes, and a super club full of jumping, pumping, screaming fans who couldn't have been more up for it. One young and eager club goer couldn’t quite handle his excitement, clamoring up and reaching over the booth for a chance to touch the starlet, Paris happily obliging until her security detail stepped in.

She kept it intense and banging all night, dropping tracks like Avicii vs. Nicky Romero’s ‘I Could Be The One.’ Cameras were up, screams of elation pouring out of the crowd, Paris clearly relishing the spotlight, dancing, prancing, singing along, ice canon filling the room with CO2 again and again. At one point she even picked up the fan from behind the booth in an attempt to cool off, apparently not yet used to the heat that comes with playing a packed club in summer.

'I'm having so much fun! I love Ibiza! You guys are amazing!' she excitedly shouted from behind her diamond encrusted laptop, Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’ (Bimbo Jones Vocal Edit) pouring out of Amnesia’s Funktion 1s. After wrapping up her set, she changed into a glitzy swimsuit, having an absolute blast covering the dance floor with foam from the VIP area.

Although the night and its resident DJ have their detractors, in the end it felt like harmless, if not somewhat ridiculous, over the top fun. Paris lovers get to see their favorite socialite up close and personal, losing themselves for the night in Hilton’s diamond encrusted fantasy. Besides, isn’t that what parties like this are all about?

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