It should go without saying that drugs are illegal in both the digital and physical realms - but try telling that to Sunith Baheerathan, a Canadian man who promptly lost his job as a mechanic after making an open statement on Twitter asking for drug dealers in the area to serve him weed.

After deleting the tweet (following the hilarious response from the York Police department, above), Baheerathan tweeted: "really gotta stop taking tweets serious lmao." But it didn't just stop there; the man's boss at his job (local car mechanic garage Mr Lube) told CBC news that Sunith had been relieved of his position, "but would not confirm the reason or any other details."

The official Mr. Lube Twitter account - breaking from its usual subject material of oil changes and sexy rear wheel suspension - responded to the York Regional Police's reply to Baheerathan's tweet "@YRP Thank you to the York Regional Police for your help and great work. The matter has now been handled."

Moral of the story - don't be so obvious. Social media is being monitored - just ask British Prime Minster David Cameron. He's going to clean up the internet,  single handedly.

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