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Major Lazer Cop The Worst Interviewer...Ever?

Henry Johnstone, Sydney - Australia - on 6/8/13

Major Lazer Cop The Worst Interviewer...Ever?

Musicians are often known for being an irritable bunch at times and often not in the mood for their 322nd interview of the day. One such example that sticks out clear in the mind is when the Aussie VJ known as Jabba interviewed a surly Mike Patton during Tomohawk's tour with the Big Day Out festival many moons ago (watch the video in all its awkward glory here).

On the other hand, you can't really blame the musicians when their interviewer is a painful sort, and poor old Diplo and co, aka Major Lazer, definitely copped just that during the recent Lollapalooza festival. A tip to the interviewer: When things aren't going so well, mocking the artist usually doesn't help. Banter yes, mock no.

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