Jeremy Olander knows no boundaries in music. Signed on Eric Prydz' Pryda Friends label, Jeremy has been producing high quality progressive and melodic techno for Adam Beyer's Drumcode under the moniker Dhillon. His work has even caught the attention of Billboard, making it to their Top 10 'Next Big Sound.' We sat down to chat with Jeremy about his upcoming show at Club Space Miami, new releases, and his travels.  This Saturday, August 10th, Jeremy will be joined by fellow labelmate, the Norwegian DJ/Producer Fehrplay, who has been featured on Pete Tong's Radio 1 and has singles released on Pryda and Above & Beyond's Anjuna.  Enter for a chance to win (2) free tickets to see Jeremy Olander play with Fehrplay for Pryda Friends at Club Space Miami on Saturday, August 10th below the interview. Contest ends Friday, get your entries in now!

Your Pryda Friends show at Space in Miami is on August 10th.  Have you been to Miami before?  What are you most looking forward to and what can we expect at the show? Yes, I went there the first time in 2011 to play at a party with Dirty South at Mansion, I had just released a track on his label and I was so excited to go there for the first time especially since I had heard so much about the place. It really is a special place [Miami], especially during those two weeks of conference. Ridiculous amounts of parties to choose from and just a really overall great vibe! 

I am really looking forward to playing with Jonas (Fehrplay) because we just have a great chemistry. We played together for the first time not too long ago and it just went off, we just kinda complete each other in a nice way. We have similar taste in music, but not too similar! So it's hard to say what you can expect, but I can promise you that you won't be able to stand still!

You said in an interview with Beatport that you originally didn’t like your music labeled as “progressive house” but now you “can’t be bothered.”  What made you change your mind about having your style defined? Well, at first I felt that the progressive house, which I fell in love with, was being pushed back into the shadow of this big room sound. But now I just think it's a bit too pretentious getting caught up with what genre is this and that. Music is music, and as long as no one labels my music as something completely different, I'm fine with it!

You’re from Sweden, do you play there often now?  What’s the scene like? Its funny actually, but I don't do many shows at all in Sweden, maybe once a year. Shame really, since I love having all my friends with me! The scene is cool, we have a bit of everything, but I don't really go out that much in Sweden. You know, once you get to spend some time home, you just feel like going to a local pub with friends and sit around a table and just talk rather than going out. Might sound a bit corny, but that's just the way I am!

You’ve been touring for a bit now.  What city is the most exciting for you to visit? Oh there are a lot of places to mention here, but I'm gonna have to go with Tokyo, I went there in February and my dad came along. I still feel inspired from going there. It's just so different on so many levels and it has become my number one destination in the world. The people here are friendly on a whole new level and the architecture and technology and just everything! 

You’ve released some techno tracks under the moniker Dhillon on labels such as Drumcode that have been heavily supported in the underground scene.  Are you planning to release any more productions under this alias in the near future? Yeah, I will have a release later on this year on Drumcode, which I think will contain four new tracks under the Dhillon moniker that I'm really excited about. I think Drumcode is one of the most influential techno labels out there at the moment, so it's a huge honor to have Adam supporting and releasing my music. 

What else have you been up to?  Are you working on any future releases we should keep an eye out for and will you be touring a lot? These past couple of weeks I've been trying to rest myself a bit in time for the US tour, but it's hard to stay away from producing. I've been experimenting a lot with different sounds and such. Release wise, I have a new track coming out on Pryda Friends entitled 'Petroleum,' which features the vocals from a Swedish rock band called Kent and I'm super proud to have their support and approval of the record! I've also done a remix for my friend Henry (Saiz) which should be out in October/November. It is a remix of one of his new tracks from his album, called 'Afraid.' It's definitely the more experimental side of me, but I'm really happy with it!

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