Tonight for Carl Cox’s Revolution at Space Ibiza, several of its headliners are going back to back for what’s sure to be a marathon of incredible proportions. Davide Squillace will go head to head with Guti, who’ll be playing a live show, and Carl Cox will be trading tracks with longtime Revolution resident, Nic Fanciulli, over in the Discoteca. Over in the terrace, Paco Osuna and Steve Rachmad will be setting things on fire as usual, making for another massive week for this Ibiza institution, no doubt. So we caught up with Carl Cox to find out about the decision to back to back with Nic, the recent trend in major residents playing dates at other clubs and nights, and we find out if Cox has any more big surprises left for 2013.

We’ve seen you go back to back with artists like Loco Dice for last year’s Space closing, and most recently, Marco Carola, which was truly special for us fans. Now you’re going back to back with Nic Fanciulli. How do you choose who go back to back with, and what makes it special for you? Well I had the opportunity to go back to back with Nic Fanciulli at the BPM Festival in Mexico at Playa Del Carmen this year, and we just gelled completely. And of all the times that Nic has played for us at Space Ibiza, he’s always played the terrace, or if I’m not there, he’s played the main room. So I thought for the first time, 'why doesn’t Nic join me with his sound on the main floor and work with us back to back and do what we did at BPM and create that magic?' Because no one’s seen that in Ibiza, no one’s seen that at Space where we actually work together, and we’re both excited by that very much so. I think if we’re excited, hopefully everyone else is excited, and we can create that excitement for the dance floor. 

This year has seen a massive shift in regards to bookings, with Carola playing your party, you playing his, Hawtin playing Jamie’s night, etc. Can you shed some light on how all this came about and why you think it’s important? I think if you think about it, many years ago we never had resident DJs at clubs. We were always asked by a promoter or maybe the club management to book a DJ, and since we have had the rise of the resident DJs, we unfortunately get booked exclusively for that one club. And almost, you’re forcing the public to go and see you in one venue, where some people actually really want to see you in other venues and see you work those venues. If I create the magic at Space, can I create the magic at Amnesia? Can I do that at Privilege? Well I know I can because that’s what I used to do before. And I kind of miss the days where I was able to step out of my own realm and give what I can to the other clubs. Also, give the public something different based on their surroundings. So if I’m playing at DC-10 or I’m playing at Ushuaia or Amnesia, you’re going to hear a different Carl Cox sound based on what the night is about. It keeps me fresh, keeps me on my toes, and hopefully the people who say, 'oh you love Space, you don’t like playing Amnesia,’ will have a different view on that. People can also see there’s a lot of camaraderie between the DJs. I think that’s really important so people can see that we’re not trying to battle each other, we’re in this together for the long haul. We are all friends at the end of the day. It’s not all about who’s got the biggest night or is more popular or whatever. We love our music anyway, and if we can unite what we do, it just makes it stronger.

Now that you’ve kicked off an incredible 12th season at Space, what makes this season stand out from every other season so far? I think what’s really good is that we have had amazing nights at our club over the last 12 years now, and people are clear that when they buy a ticket, they’re going to get what they paid for, and then some. One of the biggest things we have as our asset is our PR team. Our PR team has been brilliant all the way through; they’ve been working really hard. A lot of people don’t know how much hard work goes into this. Not just me being there and basically just getting on the turntables and everyone’s going to just turn up. It’s the fact that we’ve got a good team, and I think a lot of clubs don’t have that.

Anymore big surprises coming down the pipeline for summer 2013? You’re going to have to wait and see on that (laughs)! No, no real big surprises. At the moment, I’m actually working on a lot of new music, and I’ve been playing a lot of the mixes that I’ve been doing. I think a lot of people are going to be surprised when they find out a lot of the records I’ve been playing are by me. That notion is something I’ve always wanted to do – just make really good club sounds. And hopefully people don’t just judge it because it’s me, but they judge it because musically, they’re enjoying it. So this is something I’ve been working on, and I’m seeing it now come to fruition. We’ve just had the Pure Intec compilation come out, which I’m really proud of and really into, and we’re doing some Intec record tours world wide as well with Jon Rundell, and they’re looking really good this season. And of course we did the Intec Records night at Space, which went really well, so we’re purely enjoying what we do. We’re working hard, digging deep, and we’re still able to enjoy what we’ve created.


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