The global dance music calendar doesn't leave much time for rest and relaxation, which is both a blessing and a curse for some of us. As many are staring down the barrel of Burning Man, one of the undeniable standout festivals on the international scene, the BPM Festival in Playa del Carmen, Mexico has just announced its dates for 2014.

Set to unfold over the course of nine days in the Mexican Riviera, BPM Festival will kick things off on Friday, January 3rd and conclude on Sunday, January 12th. If it's not already something you're planning for, then let this be the first warning we'll make on the subject. It's awesome, and if you're looking for some help in organizing everything for your musical journey south of the border, then head on over to visit our friends at the Techno Tourist who've been perfecting exactly this type of getaway for the last five years. Keep it locked on Pulse Radio for exciting new developments and news about BPM.

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