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Who is Jack U? Mad Decent Block Party releasing not only an incredible line-up but also some mystery

Since the reveal of Mad Decent Block Party’s line-up, there has been quite a bit of interest in who the hell Jack U is? Well, Jack U is the superstar duo who is Skrillex and Diplo together. That really is a surprising addition to the already impressive line-up for the Mad Decent Block Party and one wonders what sort of tunes these two will be playing together at the event. We will find out soon enough as on the 19th July 2013 in Calgary they will reveal the sound of this alliance. 

Although the hotshot duo is a little surprising, these two DJ/Producers are no strangers to each other at all. They have recently been discussing social media and electronic music at the International Music Summit together as well earlier this year debuted a Youtube video channel together alongside turntablist A-Trak. ‘POTATO’ which is the Youtube channel will be used as a platform to reveal original content in both the video and audio premieres – they claim we’ll never look at music the same way again! 


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