Bristol arts collective The Cube are currently raising money to buy the lease of the building in which they operate their arts collective. To help, they've announced an evening of bespoke films to air at the city's Old Vic in September, including Pinch & Bass Clef reworking the soundtrack 1987 film 'Robocop', live.

Films slated to be shown are psych rock group Goan Dogs' reworking of the soundtrack to Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands live and also Jesse Vernon’s 30-piece The Greatness Of The Magnificence Orchestra playing the works of Ennio Morricone. But what about Pinch and Bass Clef, two of Bristol's best loved bass fiends? The Tectonic boss teams up with Idle Hands/Punch Drunk artist for a live re-imagining the soundtrack for Paul Verhoven's '80s sci-fi classic. It promises “electro-retro-futuristic music” (?) with Clef adding “extra dimensions” to Pinch’s score as they progress. Sounds interesting to say the least. Familiarise yourself with this childhood classic below.


The Robocop night takes place on September 6th. For all other listings for the night entitled Dont Look Now, head over to here.

Listen to Pinch on Pulse Radio.