Ahead of his set at the opening party for Carl Cox's The Revolution: The Party Unites tonight at Space Ibiza, we spoke exclusively to Nic Fanciulli about Ibiza, the 100th release of his Saved Records imprint and of course, playing for the big man - Carl Cox. 

Carl Cox ‘The Revolution’ opens its doors for other season in Ibiza on the 9th July, how much of an honour is it for you to be asked to play by Carl? For me it will be my 5th year playing for the guys. Carl's the guy we all look up to and want to be like, he's one of the nicest people in dance music so its a pleasure to play for him.

You have had many successful years here, do you get just as excited now about the island as you did 10 years ago? Yes! I started coming to Ibiza in 1996 as a clubber and I still get that feeling of excitement now even when I'm playing. For me the crowd here is still the best crowd in the world - everyone is here for music and whether you're working or partying everyone comes together. 

Ibiza goes through drastic changes each year, what do you see the state of the island will in 5 years’ time? I think the Island is becoming more and more popular - where previously it was more European, there are now more people coming world wide. As dance music grows in popularity so does the island. There are so many flight routings opening up I can only see the Island getting busier. 

Tell us more about the first time you set foot in this magical place. What was your main incentive here? I first came in 1996 when I was 16 with a group of friends when I heard it was the place to come to to listen to good music. I've come here every year since! 

The experiences you must have had here, can surly be created nowhere else. Tell us about some of your most joyful times in Ibiza? I've had so many magical moments here, whether on the dance floor or in the music booth. For me the top one has to be when I first did my live Essential mix from Amnesia for Radio 1, back in 2005. This was definitely a highlight along with many others. 

Do you think Ibiza has changed to the way you think/look/feel about music? No not really - I think Ibiza has always had the same essence. Music is the most integral part of the Island, while the music changes in style with the times, the Island remains the same. 

With that in mind, last year ‘Movin On’ was a standout track of the summer. Were you surprised with the reaction the track gained on the island? It's always hard to gauge how big a record will be when you're in the studio - you never know what you'll come out with or how it will be perceived. I think I lucked out with Movin On! A lot of DJs liked the record which helped create the buzz. 

Producing a standout like that pushed your name all over the world, the power Ibiza has is there for all to see. Do you think Ibiza can create a solid platform for an artist?  Everyone looks to Ibiza to see who's playing strong shows. It's the place to bring new records and new concepts. If you curate a good night and a good experience then you're going to be able to take it round the world. 

Is day to day life as an artist must different over here to one back at home? I think at home it's easier to switch off - there are so many great parties here with all your friends playing you always want to go and check them out.

If there was one thing you could change about Ibiza what would it be? The internet! The internet is so slow here which can make it hard to work!

With such a busy schedule over here, what can we expect from you over the coming months in terms of tracks? This year we will see the 100th Saved release - we have been working on a compilation which will have tracks from people on the label as well as special guests. After the summer I'll be looking to get back into the studio to finish my album.

Finally name 3 tracks that will always define your Ibiza experiences, and 1 that’s set to be defining this year? Laurent Garnier - The Man With the Red Face, Basement Jaxx - Fly Life,Ex-press 2 - Muzic Express, Mario Basanov - Bill - (this year)

Catch Nic tonight at the opening party for Carl Cox's The Revolution: The Party Unites. More info and tickets below.

Carl Cox Revolution Opening – The Party Unites
Space Ibiza
Tuesday, 9 July

Line Up

Carl Cox
Nic Fanciulli
DJ Sneak
Tania Vulcano
Copy Paste Soul
Sunset Terrace - Future Disco
Maxxi Soundsystem
Sean Brosnan
DJ Callum (from midnight)
Anna Wall
Ian Blevins
Sean Brosnan
Tom Peppe
Radau Deluxe

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