I just checked out Lovelife’s video for their Soul Clap & Nick Monaco party entitled Episode X: Return of Soul Clap and now I'm toying with the idea of a completely unplanned trip out to San Diego for their next event. I have only been working at Pulse Radio for a month now and in that short time I have been exposed to many more artists, promoters, labels, events than I had any idea existed. Lovelife in San Diego is unquestionably one of the standout gems from this new awakening.

Before getting started here, my knowledge of the electronic music world was much more limited to EDM type events that I discovered either on my own while I was in school or that my friends insisted I check out. Big music with big set pieces, pyrotechnics and more “drops” than you could shake a stick at. Almost every day I’m exposed to new facets of the industry and ways in which people are embracing electronic music and having a great time. It’s amazing how quickly your understanding of an industry can expand and change through well executed social media campaigns, photos and video.

Such is unquestionably the case from what I’ve seen from Lovelife in San Diego. The level of production and detail that went into this event surprised me since I have never seen anything that has looked so unique. The Star Wars theme was fun and clearly wholeheartedly embraced by the promoters, DJs and guests. Everyone seemed to be having a blast participating in making it a day/night to remember. I can only imagine what things are going to look like when Tone of Arc comes to play their Sexmas in July party on Saturday July 27th. Keep your eyes peeled, I just might be hiding underneath the mistletoe.  

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