Dax J
'La Haine EP'
[Weekend Circuit]

London based promoter Weekend Circuit has come on leaps and bounds as of late considering they started life planning small parties back in 2011. Being known to showcase mind-blowing local talent along with some techno heavyweights, they began a loyal following that fell in love with their stand out style. Continued success has lead to the recent birth of their very own label, which aims to promote the unique sound that is spilling out of the capital.

Dax J, one of the cities up and coming producers is responsible for the second release on the imprint. “La Haine” sees him lay down 3 hypnotic thumpers, and includes one spell-binding remix from Argentine's Jonas Kopp, better known for his work on Ostgut Ton.

The original mix of “La Haine” pumps out a continuous kick full of reverb, and includes drum sequences that spontaneously shuffle throughout. Beneath the somewhat rigid groove unfolds an atmospheric synth that is similar to the sound of panicked sirens. The remixed version by Jonas Kopp is full of mysterious sweeps and scuttling sounds that resemble a gloomy forest floor. The addition of wispy chimes pan from left to right, and give the track its dynamic shape, but it’s the continuously morphing bleeps that keep you locked in to this one.

“Phrophet” cleverly layers a gritty clang over its deep rolling kick, and makes for an interesting introduction. Raw sounding synths seem to rip up from beneath, but are soon dragged back under the surface with the introduction of anxiously awaiting pads. Finally, “Voyager” kicks off in sublime style. A punchy beat and bitcrushing effects are met with sweet stabs that swell, then wither away. Galactic radio transmissions arise when the beat fizzles out, but reception is soon lost as the drop hits once more.

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