Another summer, another season on the Balearic island of Ibiza is about to kick off. As local and familiar to the clubbers and residents as a bottle of Heribas, Sven Vaeth's Cocoon brand have landed on the island ready for a brand new season at Club Amnesia. Year after year the brand bring their on flavours of house, techno and minimal to the island as they book the biggest DJs on the planet to play the season long residency. As their opening party edges closer on June 10th - featuring Guy Gerber, Ricardo Villalobos and Julien Bracht - Pulse have an exclusive mix from long-standing resident, Frankfurt producer and Ibiza 2013 mainstay Sascha Dive to share with you. Listen to the mix, get your bags packed and prepare for another summer at the forefront of clubbing in 2013 as he talks the changing face of clubbing, the island and Germany's GEMA plague besides more.

Pulse: Sascha, we’re about to begin another season in Ibiza. As a regular to the island, are you excited about 2013? Sascha Dive: Ah yes, of course! I’m always excited and really looking forward to it. Particularly I’m looking forward to another Cocoon season at Amnesia of course and Im really looking forward to the opening party. This year the island is going to be great – at Cocoon the parties are going to be wilder and crazier than the last years.

How do you feel about the changing vibe on the island? It seems that the general feeling is bringing in more diverse and experimental music… even you guys have booked some surprising additions… I feel the island is changing for the better for more underground electronic music parties. The year before (and even the year before) there seemed to be lots of very cheap, not very good quality music around. But more quality DJs are coming to the island and it’s balancing out. There are great clubs there.

And the issue of Cocoon’s flagship club in Frankfurt closing… this came as a surprise to many dance music fans around the globe. This with the closure of clubs seems to be happening everywhere. It seems that these days I play most of my dates and DJ bookings outside of Germany. It’s partly because of the GEMA thing but also because people don’t really go out in clubs in Germany at the moment. It’s a difficult situation. Also – in terms of Cocoon – the club was far too big for a small town such as Frankfurt. It was a big concept so it’s a shame it had to shut down. 

It’s happening all round the world that the bigger clubs are shutting – here in London there aren’t many big clubs left. But is this a good thing in the long run, to let the underground come through a little bit more and, essentially, take it back to where it came from? I think a lot of parties are coming through and it’s always a good thing to see. In London you seem to have lots more of these warehouse parties and things seem to be moving to that underground, even illegal. It’s not bad at all, but it shall help the scene to get a little bit smaller & help more quality control. Every ten years these things seem to change though.

Tell us about the mix you’ve given us, caught live… is it a typical set of yours or archetypal to your usual sets? It is actually, it’s a typical Sascha Dive set. The mix is particularly groovy and full of big club tracks. A live recording, 2 turn-tables and one mixer. The way it should be – and people can get here exactly what they’d expect from me in the club.

I read a quote from you gave from a couple of years ago, here you state. 'It's not good to stay in one place... not in business, not in life' - where to next in terms of aesthetics and more? Have you got some big plans to go in a fresh direction? My idea is to be putting more into my label, Deep Vibes. I’ve got a big release coming from Reboot and a gorgeous house track coming from Marco Styx, really nice and long. And then I’ll be releasing my album but that’s going to have more vocal stuff in it, more instrumental work used. Every time I get in the studio, I learn more about the processes and learn new things as I go. I’ve also got this latest track out on Rekids too – I’m very, very busy [laughs].

Outside of Ibiza, do you have many big commitments for the summer in terms of touring and DJ dates? Yeah I have lots. I’ll be playing South America again, and I think I’ll be touring a lot. And FINALLY, I have got some bookings in Germany too.

Sascha plays for Cocoon Ibiza all season long, kicking off on June 10th for the brand's opening party. See underneath for a link to tickets.

Opening Party Line-up:
Main Room:
Sven Väth
Sascha Dive
Guy Gerber live

Ricardo Villalobos
Dorian Paic
Julien Bracht live


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