Unfortunately sometimes it's not all about the music as a poll in the UK by MSN shows that the average festival goer prefers to administer drugs, have sex, and drink as opposed to actually paying attention the artists performing. Out of 2,000 people polled, 25% had sex with a stranger, 21% had taken drugs, 13% had gotten into a fight while attending a festival.

A whopping 47% says that they have engaged in activity that they would never do outside of a festival environment, and when asked, people say they go to festivals as an escape mechanism as well as an opportunity to hang out with their friends. This is not limited to young people as 9% of those aged forty-five to fifty-four acknowledged taking drugs, 20% to drinking, and 10% engaged in sexual activity with someone new. It seems that less than half of those who were approached for the poll were actually there for the music. Additionally, 60% of youth aged eighteen to twenty-four said festivals were quite expensive for them.  

Although the poll was taken in the UK, it can be fair to say that these statistics would be similar in the US as well. Ticket prices for two- or three-day festivals have been steadily increasing, as their popularity grows goading the question how much are kids willing to pay these exorbitant prices, when not everyone is there for the music. For now, as long as there is demand, prices will grow until the bubble bursts. In the meantime, however, take a look at these top five festival fails.

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