Boston had quite a show - or rather lack of it - on Saturday June 8th with Erick Morillo at Quincy, Massachusetts' Ocean Club, as he was rendered incapable of finishing his gig due to erratic behavior. Visibly looking not quite fully operational when he arrived at the decks, he still managed to play for forty-five minutes before he suddenly stumbling away from the decks. Erick disappeared from the public's view as the same loop was playing repeatedly. At that point security assisted him off the stage to his car with his manager in tow.

Although at the moment we are not sure what caused Erick's condition, we can only guess either drugs and/or alcohol may have been the culprit. Apparently, this is not a one-off as three nights ago he failed to even show up for his gig in Long Island. There is no activity or mention of this on his Facebook fan page or anywhere else on his social media presence. Since shouting out about playing the Long Island show that he missed on June 6th, there have been no recent tweets either. According to his events page, his next gig is not until June 29th, but we're wondering if some weren't already cancelled in light of these happenings. Either way, we wish him a speedy recovery and hope everything is alright. 



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