Eats Everything & Justin Martin
'The Gettup'

The first official collaboration to emerge from the Dirtybird camp is not to be missed. Eats Everything and Justin Martin’s genius combined could be considered insanity as The GettUp proves. The track was dropped at Love Saves The Day to a rapturous applause and judging by its reception, we’ve not heard the last of it.

Choppy vocals with clever reverberation, totally unconventional percussion leads and a completely rotten baseline – Skrillex right? No. Eats and Justin. They’ve thrown the house rule book out the window and seem to have created a sound of the future. In a week that Dubstep has seemingly been pronounced dead by one of its pioneers, Skream, it seems fitting that a fresh house track is kicking off a new vibe.

The focus on the track is on deep and dark bass. If it wasn’t for the house tempo and upbeat percussion this track wouldn’t be far away from Skream’s 'Filth'. This transatlantic collaboration really encompasses the dominating sounds either side of our oversized pond. Dubstep is still hitting hard in clubs and festivals in the States but, undoubtedly, the sound hitting it big in the UK is House. Eats Everything and Justin Martin seem to have taken all sounds and scenes into consideration and emerged with a track to please everyone.

This is not one for the weak hearted and parental discretion is most certainly advised. In the introduction of the track you would be forgiven for thinking it was Sophie Ellis Bexter’s newest release. It’s not until the deep booming kicks are complimented by the obscure percussion you realise this track is different. The break down leaves you drooling in anticipation and when that first baseline crunches. Well, the proverbial fan is hit with a considerable amount of…


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