Apple Rolls Out New Updates For iO7, OS, and MacBook Hardware at Keynote Address

Apple Rolls Out New Updates For iO7, OS, and MacBook Hardware at Keynote Address

It's always a worthy suggestion for Mac customers to plan their purchases around Apple Keynotes, after today's announcement of the new OS X Mavericks and iOS at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Finder tabs, document tagging, and a redesign of Safari are a few of the new things to expect with Maverick, while the iOS has gotten a complete overhaul for the first time since the initial release of the iPhone.

iOS 7 plans to take the iPhone to a new level of functionality and appearance without forcing users to relearn their phone. There will be a quick settings area, a new unlock screen, incorporation of the new iTunes Radio, and an update to iPhoto to make photos even easier to share across your favorite social platforms. Beta versions are released today but the full version will not be available until the autumn.

On the hardware side, MacBook Airs will have improved battery life and the MacBook Pro will have faster performance speeds than ever before. A business positive for the American sector is that the new MacBook Pros will be built in United States in a factory in Texas, a step in the right direction to stem the flow of outsourcing jobs.  To read more about all the features mentioned at the address, you can read them here on Techcrunch. 

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