Restless Dreams
[Selador Records]

Record labels in the digital age spring up all the time, collapsing always as quickly as they begin with a sea of generic dance music out there, meaning it’s hard to know which ones to follow. Occasionally though one will make a big enough din at their onset to ensure there’s enough heat about them to suggest staying power, and no truer does that ring out than with Selador, the brand new imprint from Dave Seaman and long time cohort Steve Parry.

Seaman made mix compilation history recently by becoming the first ever person to successfully raise funding for a mixed CD via crowd sourcing. Whilst the venture may be new territory the pantheon of pioneer status certainly isn’t for a man who mixed the first ever commercially available mix cd back in 1991 and has done countless others since. That said it’s still refreshing to know that there’s innovation left in a format which is under real threat of extinction form the internet’s ever reaching grapple.

But what of the record label’s personal music? Well they open their account with ‘restless Dreams’ from Brummie producer Samu.l , which is an on trend slab of deeper than deep quirky house music. The original is built round a dreamy vocal sample of a gloriously famous pop duo, set atop a blissed out backing that gives it that haunting jack which is oh so on the money right now.

Dave Seaman steps up to remix, and gives it a much more conventional sounding house swagger that uses some energetic drumfills to great effect and actually steals the limelight from the solid original. Shal Ocin steps up with a more leftfield techno rework for the more adventurous of DJs, but it’s really all about the pumping stylings of Dave’s offering.


LIsten to Samu.l on Pulse Radio.