Ultra Festival has announced today that it will provide free drinking water refill stations for the entirety of this year’s festival. Given the exorbitant prices charged by many venues for a simple bottle of agua, this benevolent move is sure to appease thirsty ravers. Moreover, with the sun beating down and body temperatures running high, a cool drink of water can be a life saver.

In past years Ultra has charged around $5 per bottle. Here’s a list of things you can do with the spare change in your pocket:

1. Buy more neon: for some reason, outdoor festivals seem to be a mecca for stuff that glows. If you’re one of these people that feels like they need to be dressed brighter than the sun, you’re in luck.

2. Eat food: That’s right, you might need some every now and then.

3. Spend more money on music: looking forward to seeing Carl Cox? Take a minute and listen to a mix to hear what he’s all about before you hit Ultra.

4. See more of Miami while you’re here: South Beach is an international tourist hot spot, and for cheap Cuban eats, Puerto Sagua is the best $5 you’ll ever spend.

5. Save it for next year: inflation will certainly raise ticket prices, so might as well start now!

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