Russia's fast becoming a hot bed for electronic music talent, from drum and bass to techno, the former communist state's music scene is in a consistent state of flux. Meet Special Case, a Russian deep house trio recently releasing music on German label Souvenir Music and Mexico's coolest imprint, Akbal Music. In fact the Russians are joining forces with the Mexican tribe for an Akbal Music showcase tomorrow night in London, featuring Robbie Akbal, Miguel Puente and much more.  Read on & have a listen to their exclusive mix.

We're big fans of your name - it's pretty intriguing. what does it mean? We enjoy various word combinations and puzzles as you can see just by checking out some of our track names, like "Case Of Bass" or "Bollyhood". And the name Special Case, besides its original meaning, also hints at the darker side of the modern electronic music. Yes yes, the one you just thought about...

You're heading to London to play at The Sidings... have you ever played in London before? Roustam is the only one of us who has played in London so far and he did it for the great Half-Baked party. We are very familiar with the UK scene and really think that the people's general attention is switching from Berlin to London. We hope this will continue because we enjoy English beers and ales much better, although nothing against Berlin, it's lovely there as well. These cities are the law when it comes to music and art for us.

As a trio, how did you all meet? And how does the dynamic work for you in the studio and when playing out? We met a long time ago, but this is not one of those stories about three guys that used to play punk rock in their garage and then heard a 4x4 beat somewhere and decided to make house music. We have all been doing it for quite some time, some of us as far back as the early 90s and we are quite aware of what we are doing. Arram and Tripmastaz are living in St.Petersburg and Roustam in Moscow and when we write music we're constantly exchanging ideas, wether through skype or elsewhere.

In music the initial idea is most important and this can come to either one of us at any time. Playing wise we've learned that it's best to stick to teams of two or solo as we have very different and far reaching taste, but you can be sure that our Special Case performances are well planned and very "special" if you will!

what can we all expect from your set at the night? what will you be treating the listeners too? We're gonna show our view of UK from the Russian side:) It's gonna be housey and bassy and sweaty! We already took party in Akbal Showcase @ BPM 2013 and are feeling the atmosphere of the mexican beach party. We're gonna try to incorporate alll of these feelings and emotions into our set,


Mexico is being tipped as one of the freshest countries for dance music out there - but how about Russia? Is the house scene growing rapidly in your home country? In Russia the scene was developing along with its European and world counterparts, but it's really showed itself with  the advent of the modern (and fast) internet as a uniting factor. Now most of the scene's important parts are in Moscow and St.Petersburg with some things in other cities. Every town is different from each other but we can sense a lot of interest to house and electronic music amongst Russians. It's hard talking about large scale growth in our country but there are certainly great things, amongst which are our Special Case events, which feature great daytime rooftop events and nightclub action in St.Petersburg and Roustam's Techno Gipsy parties in Moscow.

Balcazaar & Sordo, Miguel Puente and Beteko shall be joining you... do you think the line up is a strong representation of the global house scene at present? It's a very diverse and interesting selection that is guaranteed to move the crowd - that's what we're here for aren't we?

Tell us about your release schedule for 2013... are you releasing more records for Culprit and Souvenir? We have a big record coming out on vinyl and digital with Turqouise Blue (a label from the UK, by the way) with 3 original compositions and an excellent remix from our french homie Seuil and we're working on new EPs for Cuprit and Souvenir among others. We're trying to go for quality over quantity with our EP releases and shouldn't that be the way to do it?

Finally, in your opinion, what's the best and worst thing about electronic music these days? The best is that there are a lot of new countries, cities and places where electronic music is becoming popular. We'd also like to note that it's great that this music is heard not only in clubs at night, but in different places and more often than not during the day. There are a lot of festivals and unusual venues around the world that are doing great things.

For the bad we have to note that music in 90% of the cases is not the most important aspect of this culture; unfortunately money, PR and hype have been the driving forces in many scenes. There are a lot of fake projects and labels out there being promoted and pushed onto the crowds in a large way. The only great thing out of that is that this will inevitably lead to a return to the underground for many, and this is what we're after in the first place anyway!


Listen to Special Case on Pulse Radio.