The Rebirth/Leaving Earth

The age of the internet has done many wonderful things, but arguably the most significant in electronic music is the manner in which it has shrunk the planet. No truer is this case than in the shape of breakthrough producer Oniris, who despite being based over a thousand miles adrift of Australia in New Caledonia has managed to create a series of productions which have landed in the laps of some of the most regal tastemakers in electronic music.

Despite being ensconced in the Pacific Ocean, thousands of miles away from the usual vaunted club scenes, his lush template has caught the ears of Laurent Garnier and now John Digweed, for whose Bedrock record label this EP appears on. He contributes three tracks of driving and lush techno, each showcasing a differing take on the same fist punching aesthetic.

The lead is ‘The rebirth’, featuring a contribution with film composer Pat Brooks. The cinematic feel is obvious, the duo combing to create a nine minute epic that has all the hallmarks of classic Detroit Techno and a record you can completely envisage Garnier delivering when he hits that fabled zone. It’s certainly not groundbreaking but when dance music is this epic, orchestral and spine-tingling you’re not looking for it to be next level, you’re too busy basking in being transported to a higher plane. By the time the strings swathe the end and the piano line kicks in, you're grinning manically like a loon. Awesome.

Next up is ‘Leaving Earth’, a record which could genuinely soundtrack a space mission with its intense atmosphere and foreboding sense of doom. Older heads will certainly compare this to the points when progressive house and, dare we even say it, trance had a more underground and resolute manifesto. From a modern vanguard though it’s perfect and that canny combination of the sinister and the ethereal which makes for perfect 3am moments, and a killer counterpart to the euphoric vision of ‘The Rebirth’.

‘Ascend’ rounds off the package, packing an inventive and pumping slab of tech-house which boasts the same high production values of the others if not quite as much charm, blisteringly diving into hypnotic territory for a tantalisingly short burst towards its climax. It represents the final caveat in a stunning entrance for the producer, and a statement of intent that suggests his beats will be behind the more mesmerizing moments of DJ sets this year.

Listen to Oniris on Pulse Radio.