A man in New York has put up this craigslist ad offering $500 to help create the illusion that he is a DJ. The text reads: "I am looking for a DJ that plays in the pacha basement to help me give the illusion that I am playing with them for 1 hr. All I ask is that they play one of my original tracks, and make me look like I am performing with them. Arrange this with me, and I will pay $500."

After reading this twice over in shock, we calmed down and decided we really weren’t that surprised at all. DJs are the new rockstars, and being one, especially in a popular club like Pacha, carries a certain amount of clout. Paris Hilton does it, so why can’t this guy? And who knows, maybe the poor kid just needs to get laid, and $500 is about as much as you’d pay for a nice dinner and show in NYC anyway.

Here’s another example of why pretending to DJ is more awesome than DJing. You don’t even need wires.

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