Pavel Ridosko's accolades include releases on Fokuz, Defcom, Citrus and more recently Metalheadz - but it's also worth mentioning his time spent working as a sound engineer with the Prague Symphony Orchestra - and Englebert Humperdink! Typically though - aside from such a varied canon of reputable figures in the orld of classical composition - his sound has not been known for its elegance, although lately, Rido's sound has mutated from bassface skank to sophisticated tapestry. Intricate in detail and focused upon more musicality, he seems to have hollowed any surplus sludge from his beats, toasted his basslines and lassoed the lot, gently tightening the end product which now slots together seamlessly. Pulse's Eddie Jux caught up with Rido ahead of the release of his remix of Mikal’s ‘The Chant’, on Utopia Music.

So how’s the drum n bass scene doing out in Prague, and the rest of Eastern Europe? The scene in here is quite good. A lot of people enjoy the parties and there are some interesting new guys making fresh beats.

What was the most memorable set you’ve played recently? Well one that isn’t really recent was playing at Fabric London last March for the first time. That was something totally special. And from recent that has to be December gig at Vladivostok for the 10th anniversary of their night. People brought cakes to the promoter and they all were party heads!

What was the first record you bought as a DJ? Not too sure but one of the first was definately on Ram records by Ram Trilogy with tracks No reality and Scanners. Until today those are such a great tunes!

So what happened in 2011? You cleaned up your sound and the big labels really started paying attention. What sparked the revolution? I guess getting Adam speakers really pushed me into making the sound little bit different. And that led to a new approach to the whole song writing.

Do you remember a point when you changed from being a d'n'b fan to thinking, ‘yeah this is really what I wanna do?’ Don´t remember the exact moment, but it was quite early. I just really wanted to make music. But I didn’t really think that one day this would be my whole life.

Was it drum and bass that made you want to start producing, or was it a direction you were always pointed in? Well it was the early rave music especially The Prodigy that got me really into music. Their sense for rhythm and melodies totally got me. And I was drawn into the never-ending journey of music creation.

How do you go about continuing to push boundaries of sound synthesis? How does a producer stay fresh? That’s a hard one, but I try not to listen to drum n bass too much and get inspired by other music, film or even reading.

Apart from drum and bass, what other genres do you feel have helped shaped the sound you bring today? Definitely film music or even classical music. I am very inspired by colours and different rhythms used in a classical composition within the orchestra.

Have you ever tried your hand at any other genres of music? As a producer or a DJ? Yes of course. I have done several pieces for film and TV and collaborated with some classical musicians. That was a great experience for me and would love to continue with that in the future.

What else do you listen to aside from drum and bass and other bass music? Anything from Philip Glass to Beatles or Rodriguez.

Hybris, Morebeat, BSE, you’ve done your fair share of collabs, have you got a favourite to work with or do you really prefer keeping total control? I enjoyed making all of those collabs and most of the time the outcome was something between styles of those involved. And you can have a great laugh too!

What do you prefer - the creative composition of production or the on-the-spot improvisation of DJing? Well I think they are equally import to me. I need to be Djing to get inspired and then I can use all that energy to create a new piece of music.

Any upcoming gigs you’re particularly excited about? Just right now I am at the airport going to Toulouse for a great party alongside Pendulum and Culture shock. And of course I am really looking forward to Metalheadz party in Fabric on the 8th of March. Release-wise, what have we got to look forward to in the near future? I am currently working on several tracks that should be due out around April May. And some more remixes too!

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