Get ready to see your favorite DJs in a whole new light. During this year’s Winter Music Conference / Miami Music Week on Tuesday, March 19th, a charity basketball game will pit some top artists against each other in a match sure to rival the NBA All Star Games (at least in entertainment value). The “Red Blue Classic,” presented by NY based artist MANIK and Vis A Vis consulting, will be an annual event at the conference, giving away 100% of proceeds to charity. This year’s foundation is “Big Hearts for Big Dogs: Rescue and Advocacy.”

As an added bonus, our friends will be filming all of the action and you'll be able to catch it on Pulse Radio in the weeks following the event.

MANIK is the brainchild behind the games, encouraging “fellow musicians to leave the turntables behind, and take their skills to the basketball court.” Like the EDM soccer match last year (featuring Tiesto, Afrojack and more), this event adds color to the week and provides some respite from all the partying. And let’s face it, this is a group of guys who professionally stand around (behind the dj booth) or sit around (in the studio) all day. Watching them battle it out on the courts will surely be an entertaining experience. Without further ado, here’s the lineup. Which team gets your pick?

Lee Foss
Chris Martinez
Matt Tolfrey
Mike Weiss/Nervous
Oscar G
Nikko Gibler

Synopsis: Some definite powerhouses here. Oscar G is known for not messing around, and Lee Foss' extensive collection of basketball jerseys and tank tops will surely be helpful. Nikko Gibler's ability to hear perfect pitch may allow them to decode the Blue Team's strategies.

Steve Martinez
Ryan Crosson
Jimmy Maheras
Jesse Perez
Diego Martinelli

Synopsis: Jimmy Maheras is a big guy, definitely adding to the intimidation factor for this squad. MANIK himself is organizing the games so that may be a pretty crucial strategic advantage. Ryan Crosson and fellow Visionquesters have been channeling shamans all month in preparation for this, so the gods are likely favoring Blue at this point.

DJing for the event will be none other than Plastic Love's Bas!

The event will take place at the Miami Beach Jewish Community Center. Beer will be served. Click the flyer for more info and ticketing!


Listen to MANIK on Pulse Radio