[Fairplay Records]

Founded with the intention of only releasing debut music from undiscovered artists, Fairplay can already put a feather in their cap with this excellent self-titled release from Germany’s Leibniz. Although a mish-mash of styles from house to techno and electronica, there is a common theme of melody and subtlety across the three tracks that demands stiff and forthright attention.

Allee blends fun and funky vibes with deep, lush atmospherics and a stomping groove to create the perfect early morning slammer. Chunky kicks, filtered vocal stabs and raspy shakers create a lo-fi feel, which is augmented by the rugged, intentionally mid-range heavy, and slightly overdriven chords and floaty pads. A great old school sounding, yet contemporary feeling deep techno jam. The classic sounds continue with In Der Bar, an uplifting, jacking house track that would have slayed warehouses back in 80’s Chicago. It’s got everything an homage to early house needs: thumping 808 bass, a veritable shitload of raw, distorted percussion from shakers to claps and of course cowbells, warm analogue bass and of course a huge piano refrain that needs lasers to truly be appreciated. There is literally no one on the planet who would not dance to this.

Monatskarte rounds out the release, and takes on such a different direction you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a track by a totally different producer. A low-slung, 808-driven future bass cut, Monatskarte swaggers along with hands-on-your-balls kicks, a cleverly modulated bassline, muted piano stabs and fast-paced hats and shakers. In the context of the EP, it feels somewhat out of place (perhaps a four- or five-tracker with some more slightly leftfield material would have been a better home for it), but it does certainly show that Leibniz is not a one-dimensional artist, which he deserves credit for.

Listen to Leibniz on Pulse Radio.