We catch-up with Emerson Todd who is back home in Australia at the moment to float on a sun soaked Sydney Harbour for Agwa Yacht Club 016 and the afterparty this weekend with Guy Gerber, Dixon and a bunch of Sydney locals.

Now based in Berlin, Emerson has found his grounding and established himself as a forward-thinking producer and DJ. His releases are wide-ranging and always innovative as are his DJ sets which have been heard in clubs all over the world. It’s only natural we asked him what his perfect day in Berlin would be!

My perfect day in Berlin begins with an early morning stroll to my local cafe Spreegold, which lucky enough for me is one of the only few places in Berlin that does a Flat White coffee. They also have some amazingly healthy breakfasts options, which I enjoy as I go over my morning emails and try to get as much office work done as I can to free up the rest of my day.

I would probably follow that with a ride on my motorbike with friends down the Havelchaussee to clear my head and put a big smile on my face. Motorbikes are a big part of my life and I have a company that customizes them with a good friend here, so they take up a good part of my time as well.

We would finish our ride with a nice swim at the Arena Badeschiff.

Before I head to the studio and get some work done, I am a real studio junky so no matter what I have going on, I will always spend a few hours working on a beat here or there.

For lunch I would walk across the road from my studio to the Volkspark Friedrichshain and get a bite to eat at Café Schoenbrunn and enjoy the view of one of my favorite parks in Berlin.

In the afternoon I would head over to Kreuzberg for a game of Boules with my friends near the canals, a great way to catch up and have some relaxed fun.

Ideally, me and my mates would then head to one of my favorite restaurants “Der goldene Hahn“, which I would say is the best Italian in Berlin.

My dinner with friends would then be followed by a nice movie in the park at a “Freiluftkino” to end the day before I stroll home, and do it all again tomorrow!

Emerson is playing a sold-out Agwa Yacht Club, but you can catch him once Agwa Yacht Club 016 is all done and dusted by heading over to the regular Agwa afterparty haunt, The Burdekin Hotel, and party with Dixon, Guy Gerber, Emerson Todd, and a host of Sydney locals taking things through to the early morning! Tickets are on sale below for only $15.

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