Skrillex's new track, "Leaving," is worth a listen. Captain of brostep, the commercially successful producer/DJ is often a hate target for others in the genre. Dubstep and, more generally, bass music, was once an underground phenomenon in the UK, and Skrillex is one of the main figures responsible for its rise to radio status. After a string of "brostep" tracks and collaborations, Skrillex's latest offering is surprising in its subtlety and emotion. The similarities between the song and one of Burial's are pretty significant - sparse beats, pitch-shifted vocals, and bright piano chords feature in both. In fact, you could even say Skrillex copied Burial. If that's the case, then it's a fairly good copy, but nothing more than a continuation of, rather than departure from, Skrillex's current discography. However, some are less skeptical, and claim that popular dancefloors are getting ready to be a little more experimental. There's no doubt that Skrillex is a capable producer, and could techically make a track like "Leaving." The fact that he actually did, however, leaves some questions to be answered. Both Skrillex's track and Burial's are below- what do you think?

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