Simian Mobile Disco Announce New Album 'LIve'

Simian Mobile Disco Announce New Album 'LIve'

Super producers, tastemakers and dancefloor destroyers Simian Mobile Disco are following up their 2012 comeback album 'Unpattern' by announcing the release of a live album - imaginatively titled 'Live' - released through their trusted Delicacies imprint on April 15th.

SMD are hardly in need of any introduction - their crossover album Attack Sustain Decay Release' introduced kids outside of electronic music to the dancefloor, besides collectively producing bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Florence & The Machine, Klaxons and Plant Plants to name a few. After exploring their roots further on the latest album, SMD also revitalized their Delicacies label, focusing on more beat driven music. Unpattern demonstrated the duo's fondness for the dancefloor, creating their on psychedelic-tinged strain of techno in the process. Live capture the boys in action at a performance in Philadelphia, caught in one take and free from edits, galvanised together by live edits and vintage analogue electronics. Expect everything from classic tracks such as Hustler and more recent tracks such as Cerulean and A Species Out Of Control.

In addition, this February Simian Mobile Disco will begin a five-date tour of Europe to warm up for summer festivals worldwide. Be sure to catch them live to witness the ‘Live’ experience, including a curated “Delicatessen” warehouse party in London.

Live - tracklisting
Your Love Ain’t Fair/ Run Theme
A Species Out of Control
It’s the Beat
Skin Cracker
Hustler (Jam)
Cruel Intentions
Put Your Hands Together
Sleep Deprivation

Listen to Simian Mobile Disco on Pulse Radio.

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