San Francisco's Premier Birthing DJ

San Francisco's Premier Birthing DJ

This is weird even by San Francisco standards. A DJ, known as "Sarah Palin's Gay Friend," is offering to bring a mobile setup to your house for your in-home hippie childbirth. Specializing in Wombstep and and Placenta dub, this DJ has clearly found a niche market and is penetrating it swiftly. We can only hope this will plant a seed of inspiration in the minds of other musicians, and wait, with pregnant pause, for news of his success. After all, what could be better than having a massive soundsystem and tons of deafening "(fill in the blank) - step" music to welcome your precious one into the world? Check out the ad below:

Listen to Baby Making Music on Pulse Radio

Something Else vs Significant Others


Something Else Vs Significant Others

The Burdekin Hotel
09:00AM Sat 1 Aug 15
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Monday Social feat. Omid 16B at SOUND


Soul Clap

French Touch Mix.mp3
2 335


Art Department

Australian Tour Radio Mix Up: 06.10.12 Art Department
24 3868



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