Marcos Cabral is as an integral a part of NYC as Central Park. The producer and DJ - famed for his trippy, dark ave take on disco and house - is most famed for his work as Runaway alongside Jacques Renault, alongside releasing records on some of the world's biggest imprints such as DFA, Rekids, Mule Musiq, Endless Flight, Permanent Vacation, Wurst, I'm a Cliche, Chinatown, Aus Music, Crue-L, and his co-owned label On The Prowl. He's a busy man and hard to pin down, but Marcos kindly agreed to turn in this week's Pulse Loves mix and interview, discussing his beloved city, starting the NYC distribution pool wav.pool and the future for this prolific producer and DJ. 

Pulse Loves... NYC. Tell us about how the city has had influence on your music? 
As a teenager listening to city radio stations like Kiss Fm and WBLS will forever have it's affect on me...disco, house, soul, funk, hip-hop and dancehall. Then after high school the influence of NYC rave culture. Later on working at record shops and record distributors made me hyper aware of what was going on overseas. On another note, the non-stop activity here in NYC sometimes makes me want to produce something that's numbing and therapeutic. Which is probably why I get sucked into this hole of deeper house and dub from time to time.

Pulse Loves... the innovative file sharing service wav.pool - what gave you the inspiration for this? I kept thinking about a distribution company combining the vinyl labels of friends here in New York. Having a lack of resources to make that happen with vinyl, something on the digital side starting making sense. Wav.pool is loosely based on record pools from eons ago.

Pulse Loves... your mix. Tell us about the special ingredient! There's lots of cool music going on around me at the moment. Every friend has his own record label. I've been definitely leaning towards house/techno that's less polished. Also the L.I.E.S. headquarters is in my dining room, which makes it easy for me to play that stuff while it's fresh.

Pulse Loves... releasing on many different labels. After having tracks on DFA, Aus Music and many more, what's coming up in terms of new productions in 2013? I've been constantly working on music for a long time now. I entertain myself with it. That being said, I have tons of music that will come out and tons that will remain unfinished and probably lost when computers die or hard drives crash. Recently I did this party where I only DJ'd from cassettes. I'm not sure what possessed me to do that aside from having hundreds of them... but, in the process I discovered around two hours of techno-ish tracks that I made in the mid-nineties. A few of those are going to be released as an album on L.I.E.S. very soon. Also, I'll be wrapping up a few EP's over the next couple months of new material.

Pulse Loves... vinyl. Do you think the resurgence of the format shall ever pose a real challenge to the digital era? Definitely not. It had it's golden era, but those times are gone. Now artists have to scramble to make ends meet by consistently releasing mediocre product, and constant gigging. Even though I still play all vinyl when I DJ, it's getting harder to justify it. Constant gigging combined with heavy records can cause problems. There's also the fact that less clubs are up to par when it comes to their turntable maintenance, or issues of feedback, etc. On top of all that, it's hard to find the records you want here in the States...and when you do, you're paying too much. These days, labels continue to manufacture vinyl out of love and the feeling that they need to do so in order to be deemed a real record label.

Pulse Loves... Runaway. Are you and Jacques Renault looking to release more music this year? I personally would like to, but It's become tougher to stay focused and committed on finishing music after we start it.

Pulse Loves... the future. what plans do you have for yourself, Runaway and your own imprint On The Prowl in 2013? As I mentioned earlier some new solo music from myself. For On The Prowl we seem to always have a bunch of releases lined up. At the moment we're about to have EP's from Marvin & Guy, Nasty Boy, South West Seven, Time Reveals, and a few others that I shouldn't mention yet.

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