Photos: Soul Clap's Encore Sydney Show

Photos: Soul Clap's Encore Sydney Show

It was a big weekend in Sydney for Soul Clap - the duo rocked no less than four parties across the city; Agwa Yacht Club 015, the Agwa After Party at the Burdekin, Full Moon at Bondi Icebergs, and last but not least the pair left The Abercrombie in a state of musical bliss when they played their encore show for Bad Apple. Showing themselves as versatile tastemakers, the boys spun everthing from reggae and disco, to house and UK garage.

Have a squiz at the good times that went down in the below photos.

To check out the rest head to Bad Apple's facebook. Stay up to speed on Finely Tuned events here.

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Kap Slap at #SofaKingFridays at Royale
Fixed on The Roof | Aeroplane/ JDH & Dave P
Chus + Ceballos at Output
Oscar G (Open to Close) at Output and HR & SKI (Open to Close) in The Panther Room


Finely Tuned

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Bill Patrick

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Soul Clap

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