Hadouken, the British band who describe themselves as "grindie," have released their second film in 3 years. Entitled, "People Are Awesome 2013," it features clips of some of the most stunning physical feats anyone could possibly imagine. Focused on extreme sports, you will be left amazed by human potential as you watch men and women defy the laws of nature time after time. Your heart will be warmed as you watch a boy in crutches score a goal, and a paralympics athlete soar in his wheelchair. 

Stop reading now if you're crying tears of joy, because several of the scenes in the video are confirmed fake, like the amazing baseball save, for instance. However, we maintain that the fakes are so damn good it shows off another amazing human quality- ingenious editing. Since its unclear which clips are real and which are exaggerated, we suggest a drinking game tonight or hell, today while you're in the office. Have a shot every time you think something is fake. If your handle of whisky is empty by the end of the video, you might need a little more faith. If you haven't taken a sip, good luck in life, you gullible Pulser!

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