A picture has surfaced from the bowels of the internet showing someone that looks identical to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg at an intimate dance party. It's rumored that New York's own DJ Dory (a jockey on the top billing Listed roster) is on the decks. Zuckerberg, or his doppelganger (top left), is drenched in sweat, with an all-too familiar glazed expression on his face. Enhancing the overall awesomeness of this picture is the terrible red-eye from the camera, which makes him seem like some sort of dancing techno demon.

If this isn't Mark, he ought to sue this kid for impersonating him. From the haircut to the clothes, everything bears an exact likeness to the young billionaire. We're not all that surprised. After all, computers form the backbone, and indeed gave birth to, modern techno music. The blips and bleeps of the digital world are in large part responsible for the relevance of electronic music in our lives. But seriously Mark, lay off the E pills ok?

Original story at Mixmag.

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